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Floor Sanding and Finishing

Hardwood Floor Sanding and Refinishing

Finishing and refinishing by applying regular finishes and extra low-odor, quick drying, high-durability, non-yellowing finishes, such as wax, polyurethane, waterbased – all kinds: Swedish – Synteko or Swedish – Glitsa with sealer Glitsa or sealer Bacca. All these finishes can be done in 3 basic sheens: gloss, semi-gloss, sating, or special sheen.

Professional dustless floor sanding and buffing / screening with modern equipment.

Staining – all colors – by using stain brand names: Basic Coating, Benjamin Moore, Bona Kemi, Dura Seal, MinWax, Flecto, Fuller O’Brien, Glitsa, McCloskey, Pratt & Lambert, Zar and others.

Natural color offered in several shades without staining; also possible natural color with with non-yellowing floor finish.

Repair of worn out, broken, missing or otherwise defective hardwood floors.

Filling-up and patching of floor splits, holes, and other defects.

Removing of squeaky spots from floor and subfloors by different methods.

Leveling of wooden and concrete floors and subfloors – new and old by various methods.

Testing subfloors for moisture / vapors and general conditions to determine if treatment with additional materials necessary for better future floor condition (testing applied during installation / replacement of floor); if necessary, we install special barrier for moisture and vapors.

Wooden stairs job: repair, sanding, bleaching, staining, and finishing.

Gym floors: repair, sanding, finishing (in accordance with NWFA specifications).

At additional cost, move furniture and appliances out and put back in (not covered by our insurance); also at additional cost remove old carpet, tiles and others and dispose of debris.